ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc. Unveils New ProSampler In-Line Sampling Valve

ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc. has introduced its new ProSampler automatic in-line sampling valve, which allows processors to capture a sample of a product that has just been analyzed for laboratory testing, according to the company.

The ProSampler is an accessory to ProSpect Analytical's in-line analyzers, which use near infrared (NIR) transmission technology to work within dairy process systems to provide constituent predictions every 20 to 30 seconds during production. The analyzers predict protein, moisture, solids and fat content in milk, butter, cheese, whey protein concentrate and more, according to the company.

Located in the production line, the ProSampler coordinates the taking of the sample with the analyzer's prediction, says George Hutson, founder and president, ProSpect Analytical.

Before, it was uncertain whether the operator was taking the sample at the same time the analyzer was making the prediction, Hutson says, noting that the ProSampler ensures the sample being predicted from the analyzer is the same sample taken to the laboratory.

"For the first time, in-line real time NIR data is automatically linked to the actual product sample," Hutson says. "(This) is critical for delivering the highest levels of accuracy. And now processors have a clean, fast and easy way to take these samples."

With the push of a button, the product flows into the sample container while a corresponding identification label is printed. The operator or lab technician affixes the label to the container, and the sample is ready to go to the lab for testing.

The ProSampler's assembly includes a GEA VARIVENT sampling valve, pneumatic control components and operating software for 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch pipelines.

Benefits of the ProSampler include elimination of variability from the sampling process ; abilitiy to be clean in place or clean manually; the transfer of the sampling responsibility from operators to laboratory personnel; and simplification of calibration development, according to the company.

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