Analyzers for Predicting, Calculating Protein-to-Fat Ratio

ProSpect Analytical Technology's In-Line NIR analyzers are valuable tools used to predict and calculate the protein-to-fat ratio when filling a cheese vat. The exact protein-to-fat ratio ensures maximum yield per cheese vat and prevents unwanted loss of protein. ProSpect In-Line NIR analyzers are fully automatic with two predictions completed after each scan. Data are sent directly to the factory PLC to facilitate real time automated formula adjustments for optimized process control. The analyzers are easy to calibrate and specifically designed to operate on the factory floor in NEMA 4X enclosures with 3A-approved fully CIPable sanitary flow cells installed directly in the process lines. ProSpect offers a Model TS-30 single analyzer capable of monitoring one process line and a Model TD-30 dual analyzer that can monitor two process lines simultaneously.