Is Prospect for Us?

ProSpect delivers total process control, precision and performance for a wide variety of applications.

Are you looking for a reliable, rugged instrument with precision and accuracy approaching a laboratory instrument?
ProSpect is enclosed in a waterproof and environmentally stable hygienic stainless steel sealed enclosure that meets NEMA 4X and equivalent standards. ProSpect is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of the production floor and tolerate vibrations, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Do you need an instrument that can easily integrate into and control your process?
ProSpect integrates seamlessly into existing PLC/control platforms in operation throughout the production facility. Pre-loaded calibrations for a wide range of products are easily localized ensuring speedy implementation.

Would you benefit by having real time indication of your product composition and eliminate the need to run samples to your lab?
ProSpect delivers speed and accuracy in standardization unachievable with traditional laboratory testing. ProSpect is calibrated to the laboratory method to ensure accuracy but removes the representative sample issues associated with off-line testing.

Do you want tighter control of your process that means reducing out of spec product and running closer to your target?
ProSpect provides immediate, accurate information about product composition and can automatically adjust the process to maintain product consistency, reduce product giveaway and out of spec product.