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Southwest Cheese Company Decreases Standard Deviation

Southwest Cheese Company wanted to implement a reliable in-line process method for testing highly concentrated Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) liquid.

Customer demand for increased product diversification and more consistent and lower fat products, along with the need for continuous improvement led the company to explore the use of ProSpect for both milk standardization and whey protein applications.

Southwest Cheese had been unable to find reliable in-line testing equipment for highly concentrated WPI liquid. The company had reservations about installing ProSpect because it was a new technology and no other customers were currently using in-line testing on high concentrate WPI processes.

We installed ProSpect in Southwest Cheese’s WPI process system, Southwest Cheese soon confirmed ProSpect’s application of reliable in-line testing. With the implementation of ProSpect, Southwest Cheese decreased its standard deviation and became more capable of delivering to customer needs. Additionally, Southwest Cheese found ProSpect beneficial in making adjustments prior to final product testing.

Compiling and pre-installing an accurate database of calibration information in ProSpect prior to going live ensured successful implementation.

Southwest Cheese states that the biggest advantages of ProSpect are its reliability and the lack of constant repairs and maintenance.

Total Control

• In-line process data provides continual information prior to final product testing to ensure that Southwest Cheese attains a high quality standard for each production run.

• Southwest Cheese reports that ProSpect is user friendly and the readings and use of the equipment fits well within their automation system.

• Southwest Cheese finds the ProSpect technical support team responsive to its concerns and good to work with in establishing the success of the equipment and the application of the process.

Southwest Cheese Company LLC, is the leading manufacturer of American Style cheese and value added whey protein powder.

"I recommend ProSpect for its ability to provide continual information prior to final product testing and for its reliability, ease of use and technical support." —George Chappell, President Southwest Cheese Company LLC

21 December 2012 ProSpect Analytical Technology