ProSpect works with any platform and is capable of in-line real time continuous analysis and control of multiple applications.


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The ProSpect Advantage

The ProSpect line of products are designed and engineered by a team of process specialists to deliver unparalleled accuracy, reliability and fast and easy implementation. In-line real time process control reduces waste, increases productivity and leads to higher profits, all for very low cost of ownership.

  • In-line real time multi-constituent analysis
    Allows control tighter to target, reduces out of spec product and minimizes operator error.
  • Maximum uptime
    Rugged, durable 3A approved stainless steel flow cell and NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Targeted startup in 48 hours or less
    Installs quickly in under one day and is operational in two days.
  • Easy to operate
    Redefines performance with versatile applications and intuitive computer interface.
  • Onboard diagnostics
    Remote monitoring and configuration with network access.
  • Minimum maintenance
    In-line stainless steel flow cell is designed for CIP operation and minimal routine maintenance.

ProSpect offers two transmission analytical control configurations.

Single transmission spectrometer monitoring one process flow

Two transmission spectrometers monitoring two process flows

Transmission based analytical control solutions are recognized as providing superior analysis and precise measurement of liquids and slurries because the probes are placed within the constituent flow. Alternative solutions may measure only incoming or finished product or a smaller surface sample.

ProSpect is fast tracking development of a reflectance analytical control solution.

Single reflectance spectrometer monitoring one process flow

Highly sensitive and accurate, the ProSpect reflectance analyzer has the same robust features and advantages of ProSpect transmission analyzers with the addition of unique, proprietary design elements specific to powder applications.

ProSpect Command is the software engine developed by ProSpect Analytical Technology that drives the entire analytical process control machine.

Controls the ProSpect NIR spectrometer, predicts and displays results

Sends and receives communication with the plant level PLC platform

Provides network-wide control across the production facility

Along with the powerful capability to streamline the communication infrastructure used for analysis, reporting and automatic process control, Command delivers flexibility and can be customized for individual facility requirements. Command provides data logging, security, alarming and remote troubleshooting capabilities.

ProSpect offers a variety of configurations to match your operations

Factory installation

User friendly operator interface delivers information at a glance

Speed and Accuracy Boost Productivity

By simultaneously analyzing multiple constituents such as fat, protein and total moisture, ProSpect delivers more advantageous process control versus sequential testing techniques.

Immediate, accurate information about product composition and automatic adjustments to the process maintain product consistency, reduce product giveaway and out of spec product.

Delivering speed and accuracy allows standardization unachievable with traditional laboratory testing. ProSpect is calibrated to the laboratory method to ensure a precise measurement but removes the representative sample issues, delays and costs associated with traditional standardization.

Robust Design Ensures Maximum Uptime

Contained in a waterproof and environmentally stable hygienic stainless steel enclosure, ProSpect meets NEMA 4X and equivalent standards. ProSpect is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of the production floor and tolerate vibrations, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Installs quickly with Targeted Startup in 48 Hours or Less

Process specialists will visit your production facility for a pre-engineering site assessment. ProSpect will then be configured to fit your space and production requirements. ProSpect is engineered to have a small footprint and the flexibility to be installed as a wall mount, pedestal mount or with the control enclosure in a remote location.

In less than one day, ProSpect’s control enclosure is installed adjacent to the process system or in a selected remote location. Fiber optic cables are installed directly into the process line in a specially designed 3A approved stainless steel flow cell.

Command integrates the ProSpect product control solution seamlessly into existing PLC platforms in operation throughout the production facility. Pre-loaded calibrations for a wide range of products are quickly localized for speedy implementation.

Easy to Operate and Monitor Variable Applications

Multiple constituents and their concentrations are automatically and continuously compared against production parameters. ProSpect easily converts to measuring various products by simply changing the in-line flow cell.

The intuitive interface gives operators a clear view of the in-line real time process control. Simply click the ProSpect icon on the desktop to load the operating program.

Onboard Diagnostics

Experienced process engineers and technicians will provide remote diagnostics and monitoring with network access in the production facility. Our online technical support team can configure, monitor and update ProSpect programming and calibrations without disrupting your process.

ProSpect is capable of reference cell scanning during normal operation and verifies the calibration on a continuous basis eliminating calibration drift.

Designed for CIP and Minimum Maintenance

Requiring minimum maintenance, ProSpect’s sanitary flow cells are integrated into CIP routines. The flow cells are cleaned with the same chemicals as the process system.

Inspection or calibration can be performed without removing the flow cell from its in-line position. ProSpect requires very little routine maintenance ensuring continuous process control and maximum uptime.